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Buying property down the shore


Preparation meets opportunity.

If financing your purchase, connecting with a local mortgage lender prior to touring homes is important. With various product offerings, a lender will be able to guide you to the loan product that makes the most sense in your unique buying journey. Presenting a pre-approval letter from a banking institution along with your offer to purchase may make your offer more attractive. Click here for a list of lenders I have worked with and highly recommend. 

If paying cash, understand that some listing agents and/or sellers may require proof of funds. Having these documents prepared can save time and stress once that right property comes around. 

The Avalon and Stone Harbor market is comprised of many property types and locations. Whether beach front, bay front, condo or single family home, I encourage my clients to begin their search by touring as many properties as possible.  As your local guide, it is my job to answer any questions you may have. If I do not know the answer, I won't make it up

Ok, so you have found a home you wish to present a contract on. Now, you have two options. As a real estate licensee, I am able to prepare a contract of sale for you. If acceptable to the seller, the following three business days after execution are designated for what is known as the "attorney review period." During this time, the buyer and/or seller may choose to get the contract reviewed by an attorney. During this time, an attorney may elect to change aspects of the contract or may leave it as-is. Both buyer and seller may cancel the contract through an attorney during the attorney review period. 

A common practice in the Avalon and Stone Harbor market is to have the original contract prepared by a NJ Real Estate Attorney. This removes the requirement for the attorney review period once all parties have signed. 

Contract Considerations

  • Purchase Price

  • Deposit Amount

  • Escrowee (who holds the deposits)

  • Title Search

  • Inspections and ability to cancel

  • Financing Timeline

  • Closing Timeline

All signed? Great - you are now UNDER CONTRACT.


Now the work begins.

During this phase of the process, we will follow the agreed upon terms from the contract closely. Some of these items may include submitting deposits, scheduling inspections, negotiating repair requests or credits, applying for financing, obtaining a loan commitment, obtaining a title commitment, reviewing and approving any condominium documents, obtaining insurance, and coordinating utility transfers, to name a few.


Home sweet home.

Closing will take place at the Title Agency of your choice. Many of my clients choose to work with Seaboard Title Agency locally. The title agency will provide a settlement sheet prior to closing outlining all closing costs, fees, and payoffs. At the time of closing, you will sign this settlement sheet, along with any mortgage documents and disclosures. Then, you get your keys and go on your way!

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Market Expertise. Clear Communication. Results.

Purchasing a home in Cape May County comes with various norms specific to this area. With years of experience, I will equip you with the knowledge needed to make the buying process as smooth as possible.

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